Helen Jennings

First post: Mar 30, 2020 Latest post: Apr 9, 2020
Mom was found to be severely anemic with labs on March 16. The following day she was seen by hematology with a plan to correct the anemia and to start Wednesday seeing a gastrointestinal doctor. At that appointment,due to her anemia and that she was on blood thinner, the decision was made to admit to st Luke’s. By Friday she was ready for testing, which found 2 masses and a polyp in her colon. At that time she returned to the Meadows per her request.

She returned yesterday to hear her options- speaking to the surgeon and oncologist. The surgeon stated surgery should be considered due to where one of the masses is located. It could easily cause an obstruction. He felt he could remove them and probably wouldn’t need any type of bag by removing them. He stressed that an obstruction is very likely.

She then spoke to oncology. Oncology felt surgery is best option. Based on staging (which would be confirmed with surgery), she would possibly need oral chemo. Or she could do oral chemo without any surgery. It is not fast acting chemo, but may slow the progression.

Mom decided she doesn’t want surgery. She will do the chemo pill and know she can stop at any point.

Now, we have to wait to see if an obstruction occurs. If so, and she still decides not to have emergency surgery (which would leave her with an ostomy) she would become toxic/develop sepsis and pass away.

I know we all support her choices and will do what we can to support her during this time.

She had an iron infusion yesterday to help with the anemia and will have one next week before starting the chemo pill. She continues to want to be at the meadows. They are under quarantine, due to the pandemic. She will eventually relocate to Jean‘s home on hospice.

Her next appointment is Wednesday (April 1) for an infusion and will plan to do an update at that time.