Helen Budzynski

First post: Apr 10, 2018
Helen Eva Baibak Budzynski has slipped into a coma following a short illness and hospitalization. She has lived a full and happy 95 years, and is ready to go see her Lord and the many beloved family members and friends who've gone before. We will be updating this site with new information about her condition, as well as with future funeral arrangements.

As of today, April 9, she is resting quietly in the Hospitality Suite at Oakview Medical Center, able to hear visitors as they talk to her. She can respond with head nods, but no words. She is experiencing some pain, therefore receives palliative medication every four hours. We expect that this will progressively increase, to the point that she will be no longer responsive as she nears her point of passing. She feels the love of everyone, present or not, and appreciates your support and prayers. This has been her fervent desire for a number of years: to go to her heavenly home. We will not stand in her way, but wish her well, tend to her physical comfort around the clock, and bid her a love-filled farewell on her journey.