Heidi Smith

First post: Jan 8, 2019 Latest post: Jan 8, 2020
Welcome to my CaringBridge website. I realized that I may have promised updates to too many people to be timely or organized about it and a friend recommended using CaringBridge.  It’s my hope that if I can update on this site, those who are interested in my progress can keep up here instead of my trying to remember who I have told what.  I saw below that there is a notice about donating to CaringBridge since it’s a free site. I am unable to disable that ad but please know that you can review my updates without doing any donating to the website.

 I was diagnosed with two types of breast cancer on November 20th. The next two weeks were spent trying to sort out what that meant and what to do about it. Because there are two types and because of the location of them, breast conserving surgery was not an option for me. I will undergo surgery on Wednesday January 9th for a mastectomy and reconstruction. It’s too soon to know about treatment but I am hopeful surgery will be the only “treatment” I need. Dozens have offered assistance to me and my family and it has at times been difficult to know exactly what to ask for and when. This site will also be used to post a need if one arises in the coming three weeks . My children have sports, church, band, and play practice and I’d like it if they can attend as much of their commitments as possible to give them that normal routine despite what may be going on with me. My mother will be staying with me but may at times have appointments of her own to keep. I am co-authoring this site with a friend and my sister and we hope between the three of us we can keep those who are interested informed. God Bless you for your love, support, and encouragement to me and my family. God poured out His provenient grace upon me before I even knew what was coming.