Heidi Black

First post: Jan 14, 2021
Thanks for checking in! 
Welcome to my very own personal episode of the medical mystery drama, HOUSE.  Maybe it's Lupus, maybe it's MS, maybe it's Hashimoto's!  Dunno yet. 

I wanted a way to keep family,  friends, and colleagues updated in one place about my health.  In August 2020 I had another flare up of my ~mystery illness~ and have so far been unable to return to work as a hosptial phlebotomist.  The most limiting of my symptoms are tremor, nerve pain, muscle twitching and fatigue.    I had a bout of the same illness in 2018, but eventually got well enough to return to work and my hobbies,  although I still struggled with with fagtigue, pain and weakness.  
My hope is that at least of some of my neurological defecits are treatable and the decline I'm experiencing will reverse.   

I've had SO MANY tests and specialist visits since 2018.  If nothing comes of the next round of testing this month (Jan 2021), my PCP is going to refer me to Mayo Clinic, becuase there's really nothing else they can do for me.
As far as being physically active, I'm still able to occasionally skate and bike short distances. Right now I'm focusing on home PT and walking my sweet old pup Tele short distance.  

- Heidi (aka Maulder*)

*Agent Maulder is my roller derby name and many people in my life  know me as "Maulder."