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First post: Feb 16, 2021 Latest post: Oct 24, 2021
Hi Friends,
I'm sorry for the long silence about my recent illness.  I kept thinking that I'd just get better soon or diagnosed.  Turns out besides not going to work, it's pretty easy to hide a chronic illness in a pandemic.  I just.... stay at home. 

In August 2020 I had another flare up of my ~mystery illness (illnesses?)~ and have so far been unable to return to work.  The most limiting of my symptoms are tremor, nerve pain, muscle twitching and extreme fatigue.    I had a bout of presumably the same illness in 2018, but eventually got well enough to return to work and derby,  although I still struggled with my symptoms.  

Love and miss you all,

Heidi /Maulder*

*Agent Maulder is my roller derby name and many people in my life know me as "Maulder."