Heaven Wright Heaven Defeating Cancer

First post: Apr 12, 2022

April 2022, Heaven was recently diagnosed with an aggressive type of cancer called Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL), this is an extremely rare blood cancer. After feeling low energy and abnormal body pain, Heaven reluctantly drove herself to the Emergency room afraid of who was going to care for her 8 year old and has been admitted to the Oncology unit since then. Following a bone marrow biopsy as well as chromosomal and genetic testing revealed that Heaven requires a specific chemotherapy regimen and treatment plan over the next two years. 

Most importantly, Heaven is a single mother to an amazing little girl, Miss Monroe, and she will need the support of care to allow for Monroe to continue her lifestyle. Monroe was born with a genetic disorder causing her to be born completely blind called bi-lateral Anophthalmia. In hopes to continue her involvement in the blind community and continue her extracurricular activities, both will need not only financial support but also emotional support during these challenging unexpected and unanticipated times. 
Monroe will be in the care of her grandmother who will also need assistance with moving to Summerlin, NV in order to be closer to Heaven during treatment and to provide support to Monroe as well. Once Heaven is released from the hospital she will need a comfortable place for her to heal with the support of Mom and Daughter. 

This GoFundMe is to help cover the cost of cancer treatment and rehabilitation. It will also ease the stress of life expenses and bridge the gap between treatment, recovery, healthy meals and returning to work/life. Any donation big or small, and all thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated. 

This too shall pass, God Bless