Heather Shultz Miller

First post: Aug 9, 2018 Latest post: Feb 25, 2021
Our beautiful sister, Heather Shultz Miller, was diagnosed with Metastatic Breast Cancer on Monday, July 30, 2018. We all share in the heartache you felt as you heard the news, and as you googled Metastatic Breast Cancer to find the words ‘treatable but not curable’. If you’re reading this page, you have been lucky enough to meet Heather – and to know her is to love her - you can’t help but feel her infectious energy, selflessness, compassion and heart that serves forever.  Heather’s cancer has spread throughout many different organs including lungs and liver as well as in her bones. While she has a large spot on her sternum, the other locations of cancer within her body remain small and we are thankful with the latest news that she does not have any cancer on the brain. This is a battle Heather will always be fighting; her first treatment begins on August 10th.  Her will and strength to fight this disease that has invaded her body remains unbroken and we continue to be amazed by her courage. Heather, Matt and our entire family are overwhelmed by all the love, support and prayers that have been sent our way.

Heather’s journey with breast cancer began twelve years ago. She felt a lump in her breast, which she found when she was breast feeding her son Tate, and decided to get it checked out. We got the news that none of us were expecting, Stage 0 breast cancer, which meant she had precancerous cells in her breast. Heather remained defiant with the hand that had been dealt and she had a double mastectomy. She often joked with us that she was going to have the perkiest boobs around once the surgery was over – and she fulfilled that commitment J. Four years after her double mastectomy she was blessed with her daughter, Delainee. Heather often commented how she felt Delainee was her miracle as she was not expecting to have any other children after her first battle with cancer.

Heather has always lived life with a purpose; her unconditional love for her four children – Eric, Karver, Tate and Delainee – is undeniable to feel and watch. Her passion for teaching and positively influencing the minds of young children is unmistakable and her love for her family and friends is a precious gift we have all been given.

She has a long road ahead and she is going to need each one of us to help her get through this next part of her journey. Heather has been blessed with having two loving, strong families as her supporting cast. The Miller family has taken Heather in since day one. They have loved her, loved her family and are always one of the first ones to offer help if Heather needs anything. We are so thankful for how the Miller’s have treasured her and treated her as one of their own. The Shultz family is a force of 30 strong (yes, I said 30 – five daughters and 18 grandchildren add up quick) and a family that has an unconditional love and loyalty for each member of our family. Heather’s role in our family is strength and happiness – she is the first person we call when we need support or a non-judgmental ear to listen. She is also the first person we want to talk to when we have good news to share – no one is more excited for us or proud of our accomplishments. But now is our time, our time to provide her with the support she needs to get through this tough fight, our time to celebrate her wins and cry with her during during her lows. One thing we know for sure is there is no one that we would rather have by Heather’s side during this process - that will fight for everything, every day for her – and that is Matt.

We love you with everything we have, Heather, and we are here for you – always.

Hallie, Heidi, Hope & Hilary (#5shultzgirlsstrong)