Heather Hill

First post: Aug 31, 2022 Latest post: May 10, 2024

Thank you for loving Curt and Heather Hill in just the ways you do. We created this site to draw as many prayers and words of encouragement as possible around Heather as she begins a journey toward health and wholeness.
For some time, Heather has been battling fatigue and pain. Two weeks ago, she was told she had very large ovarian cysts that must be removed. On 8/30/22, she went into surgery and they found that beyond the cysts there was widespread evidence of cancer.  Because of the way the cancer had spread, they were not able to remove the cysts during that procedure or do further work to restore her health.
They decided instead to start chemo so they can shrink the tumors and begin to kill the cancer cells. If it works, then they can go back in and remove what needs to be removed. Heather begins chemo soon and will have treatments every three weeks. 
What do they need most right now? PRAYER!  We will organize a prayer network for Heather that allows all of us to pour as much prayer as possible over Heather and Curt (keep watching for details on that). We believe in the power of prayer, and trust God to hear! Pray, and keep praying. 

To give financially, click on "Ways to Help" and scroll to the GoFundMe box, then click on "View Your GoFundMe." Once there, you can click "Donate Now" to give directly to the Hill's fund. 

To help out in other ways, click on "Ways to Help? and click on "MealTrain" to make a meal. Check back in on the "Planner" tab for practical ways you can help them at home.  As Curt has needs, he'll post them there. 
In a stressful time, it is a great gift to them to be able to share updates and accept your care and concern, and we hope that this will organize that communication in such a way that it is a blessing to the Hills.  
Blessings upon blessings over you as you pray for Heather's full recovery...