Heather Edmondson Heather Edmondson

My 6 year old Autistic and Epileptic son is scheduled for Epilepsy SEEG surgery January 2,2019.  If this surgery shows what the Nuerologists suspect, then he will have Epilepsy surgery immediately following the SEEG. This means a 4 to 6 week stay in the hospital at least. I am a widowed mother who works full time providing for us so missing even a few days will throw us way behind really quickly. I plan on working while he’s in the hospital but there will be days that I will not be able to leave him. I am asking for help paying rent and the added travel expenses to and from work. I currently live and work in Lebanon Indiana but the hospital is downtown Indianapolis Indiana so the commute will be about 35 miles one way.  I do not have parents and no immediate or extended family to ask for support and have been through the available resource list for my area. Unfortunately there are no resources available unless you’re already in the hole it seems. 
If he does not have this done, it could very well mean his life will end prematurely as his epilepsy is not controllable with medicine. He has been on at least 33 anticonvulsant meds since he was 10 months old and none stop the seizures. I was advised that there is less than 5% chance that they could find meds to keep them under control. Please help if you can. Any donation, advice or words of encouragement are greatly appreciated. God bless!