Shane Thurlo Healing for Shane

First post: Feb 25, 2019 Latest post: Mar 24, 2019
As many of you already know Shane Thurlo, my partner and best friend, has been hospitalized here in Portland since February 9th.  Shane was admitted to Legacy Good Samaritan Hospital’s Kern ICU, with complications of the flu and pneumonia.  The pneumonia progressed to a point that he needed to be intubated with a breathing tube and placed on a ventilator.  The diagnosis for such an event is called Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome  or (ARDS).  Shane’s lungs have sustained enough damage to keep him ventilated and critically ill since this time.  I last spoke to Shane on the night of the 9th, and since that time he has been medically paralyzed and sedated, in order to tolerate his sickness and ventilation. 
Although his flu has been treated, Shane has suffered another infection in the hospital and his condition has deteriorated. This isn’t uncommon with progressive flu/ARDS and an ICU stay, but it’s none the less a set back and a disappointment.  With a critical illness of this nature, it also isn’t uncommon for other major organs to sustain injury. In Shane’s case, his kidneys have had a big hit. 
Yesterday 2/24/19 Shane was transferred to Legacy Emanual Hospital’s Nuerological Trauma ICU.  Shane was placed on continuous renal replacement therapy or CRRT, also commonly known as dialysis.  In addition, they have him on a specialized ventilator that percuses or shakes his lungs.  When Shane is stable enough medically, they will perform a tracheotomy to help less invasively ventilate him. I’m hoping for this soon. 
Is this enough medical jargon and information for you? Yikes!! 
Although I myself am a nurse and am no stranger to the medical field, I have never been so humbled and shaken to my core. To watch your loved one in this condition day after day with no promise of healing is devestating.  I am learning a lot about my own resilience. I have so much respect for the nurses, Drs, respiratory therapists and staff at both hospitals.
It is my hope that this information will keep the love, prayers and positive vibrations flowing for Shane. In addition, this is a good way to post updates regularly.   I am overwhelmed by the support of my family, friends, co -workers and complete strangers. I know Shane would be too.  Shane and I are on this journey together but I couldn’t do it without your support.  Love to you all and thank you. ❤️🙏🏻🌈💪🏼