Stephanie Schmidt Healing 4 Steph

First post: May 17, 2019 Latest post: Sep 26, 2019

On Monday, April 22nd we were at Devils Lake getting some hiking in and enjoying our adventures. Our adventures changed after dinner when lightning, thunder and rain began. We checked the radar and decided to pack up and head home. In that process  Steph slipped, fell, and hit her head. Her head bounced back up and hit the ground again. While we worked our way home she began to feel dizzy, very sleepy and sensitive to light. Three hours later we checked Steph into the ER. We learned that Steph had a concussion and a neck sprain. She was sent home to rest and told she could return to work as normal so we thought...

Steph continued to feel worse as the day days went on. She had some good days but those became less and new symptoms began to surface. After seeing her regular doctor at almost the three week mark after her injury we learned that her condition is worse than a concussion, it is a brain injury. This injury will require an extended time off work and intense rehab for many months. No end date has been given since it is still too early to tell. Steph will continue to see different specialist and therapist at Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Center in Milwaukee to help her brain and body heal. 

Since Steph's accident many people have expressed concern and a desire to help.  We are blessed and humbled,  and appreciate any help you can give. Please check Ways to Help, and ask for a current calendar or link for opportunities to support us.