Rachel Lane Have a Heart

I have always tried been one of those overly independent people. But being a single mom of a now 7 year old daughter, and trying to make ends meet has never been easy. I have had several jobs over the years and have to either leave them, or have been let go; due to my getting horribly sick, and being hospitalized. Being self employed seemed like a good option for me but hasen't worked out too good for us because of my repeatedly getting getting ill. Over the years it seemed like I was aways getting  bounced from one Doctor or HospitaI to another and never getting properly diagnosed. I have been recently been Hospitalized for several weeks.  I was diagnoised as having Gluten Ataxia, Dystonia and Celiac Disease after I again became gravely ill and I had lost the ability to speak and the motor control of my legs and one of my arms. The effect was like a person who had had a stroke or MS. Slowly I have somewhat regained my ability to talk but at this point not the use of my legs.  I  now realize that in order to be able to care for myself and my daughter that I need to humble myself, and ask for help from others. Please pray for me and my Daughter and if you wish to do so,  any  donation of any amount would be greatly appreciated. If you decide that donating is not for you, all I ask is that you please say a prayer. It will not cost you a thing and I do believe in the power of prayer.
It will graciously  be accepted as well.
God Bless!