Harriette Shevin

First post: Sep 1, 2019 Latest post: Sep 17, 2019
My mother Harriette Ellman Shevin, has cholangiocarcinoma . Cancer of the liver and bio duct. After 5 weeks of radiation, I am astonished that her Cancer has been progressing so very rapidly. After loosing my father just last year, I have to assume, God needs more angels, and my brother wants his time with our parents. 

What we thought could be months or a year, the rug was ripped right under us, and now are in the hospice process. We are hoping for a few weeks, but only if she’s not suffering. She told Stacy and myself last night, she wants to be with her husband, my amazing father in heaven.... Cary J. Shevin, and she needs to see her son, my brother Phillipp H. Shevin. I just want her to be happy, be in peace, and out of physical and psychological pain. I have been an only child for more than two decades, so it’s time for me, to comfort my mother, and respect her wish’s, no matter how hard it will be. 

We love our family and friends, and just want to keep you updated., as calls and emails are flooding in, and I can’t keep up with all of the corespondents, and do not want anyone to feel ignored. Thank you for your kindness and love,


Bonni Shevin-Sandy