Harper Hurt

First post: Jun 6, 2022 Latest post: Jul 3, 2022
Harper Long Hurt decided she was ready to meet her parents at just 25 weeks gestation (impatient as her mommy, it seems...). Although 25 weeks is extremely early, the journey between weeks 20 and 25 may have saved Harper's life. Around 20 weeks Caroline was put on modified bed rest due to some complications. At 23 weeks, Caroline's water broke and she was checked into Baylor Scott and White where she received incredible care from our new friends in the Antepartum unit (jokingly referred to as Mommy Jail). After a couple of weeks of Mommy Jail, Caroline developed two infections causing her to go into labor. TWENTY-FOUR hours of labor later Doctor Sierra Fisher and the rockstar L and D team at Baylor safely brought our daughter into the world, as well as cared for Caroline and got rid of her infections. 

It only took a few days before the doctors and nurses continually used the phrase "small, but a handful!" to describe our feisty girl (here again, seems to be taking after her mother). Harper has a LONG road ahead of her in the NICU. Her original due date was in September, and this would be the earliest the team would consider sending her home. There are a number of physical and health-related milestones she'll need to reach before that's even on the table. The NICU team at Baylor Hospital is taking very good care of her and we could not be more grateful for that team of genuinely selfless heroes. 

Our family started this page to be used as a one-stop shop for Harper Hurt updates. PLEASE do not take it personally if we are unable to respond to individual texts at this time. Sometimes there are simply too many to respond to, and some days it's hard to repeatedly type out tough news on her 'one step forward, two steps back' days. 

We cannot thank you enough for the support our community has already shown. It has made all the difference and allowed us to remain positive. 

Harper Long Hurt
Born May27, 2022
1 lb 9 oz at 4:10pm

Ben and Caroline Hurt 

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