Hannah Joy Pyles

First post: Jun 19, 2020 Latest post: May 28, 2024
On Friday night June 12, 2020  Chris called us at 11:30 p.m. to tell us that our 2 year old granddaughter, Hannah, had been admitted to Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh.  Hannah’s health had been in decline, especially over the last few weeks. Her symptoms had been intermittent fever, body aches, and weakness. Hannah had been under the care of her pediatrician and her bloodwork had shown iron deficiency and low hemoglobin. She was prescribed an iron supplement and her iron did increase slowly and only slightly, not near normal levels.  At the Children’s ED, the doctor came in and seemed determined to figure out why Hannah was acting like she was. Chris and Amanda explained Hannah’s symptoms and also that this was the fourth time blood had been drawn in the past month.  She proceeded to examine Hannah and said something in the abdomen may not be normal and ordered an ultrasound. The ultrasound confirmed there was a mass (or two) in the abdomen. Hannah was admitted and was given a transfusion. We like to say the this provider is like Hannah's guardian angel- thank the Lord she was the one in the ER that night! she was delivered a thank you note within the next few days ;)

Due to the size location and other factors, it was not possible to remove the tumor surgically today. Biopsies of the tumor and her bone marrow were successful (results in 24-48 hours) and a line is now in place for chemotherapy which will probably begin tomorrow. After four rounds of chemotherapy Hannah will have surgery to remove the tumor and chemotherapy and immunotherapy will continue thereafter for about a year.  This has all occurred since Friday. As you can imagine  this has been overwhelming for Chris Amanda Hannah and all of us. (Abigail knows her sister is at the doctors, and that she is getting sleepovers at her cousins and with her grandparents. ) We covet your prayers. We can see God's hand in many ways already so please keep praying! I intend to journal so I don't miss or forget anything in the chaos, emotion and fog.  In closing, all Hannah wants is vanilla ice cream and her nana and pappy intend to stock her freezer in time for her homecoming from the hospital.  Thank you again and God Bless you❤️