Hank The Kitten

Hank is a 2 month old kitten that we adopted about 11 days ago. He is on the skinny side and isn’t the energetic kitty we expected. We brought him to the vet and they said to try different foods because kittens can be picky eaters- so he was eating more and more but then on Saturday he collapsed and we rushed him to the ER vet. They have stabilized him and he is eating every hour- but they say they need to keep him either one or two more days so they can figure out why he can’t keep his blood sugar up. 

We have paid around $1100 so far but the total would range around $2000-3000. I hate to ask but we don’t have the funds to keep Hank with us by ourselves. Please if you can, help us give Hank the medical care he needs to survive. The doctors say that there is still a chance that he can get better!!