Hailee Heck

First post: Apr 27, 2021 Latest post: May 4, 2021
I decided to start this to give Hailees friends and family one place to get information. Hailee had a hole in her nasal septum and had it repaired, as well as getting it straightened so she could breathe better. This was Thursday April 22. She did well and went home. She started to really not feel well Saturday morning, not the normal post-op icky. I took her to the ER in Cavalier as her color was not good and she was getting confused, and had been having a temperature, not eating, diarrhea and her stomach hurt. The team in the ER in Cavalier was awesome and knew right away she needed to get transferred to Altru in Grand Forks. They got an IV started in the bone in her leg, and started fluids. Dr.Boe at Altru came out and told me she is very near dying and extremely sick. They put in a central line in her groin and started fluids, and antibiotics. The ENT doctor came in and removed all the splints and packing in her nose. She had a infection. She was moved to the ICU and immediately had another central line started, was placed on a ventilator and many more medications as she was in organ failure They immediately started dialysis to get her blood filtered. She has toxic shock syndrome. caused by the packing in her nose getting an infection that went to her blood stream. She is very slowly improving. Her heart is only pumping at about 25%, so they are watching things very closely. Baby steps forward, hour by hour. Thank you everyone for your prayers and support!!