Guy Malsbury

First post: Oct 26, 2020
Hello Friends and Family, 

We wanted to create a place where the friends and family of Guy Malsbury could get regular updates on Guy's status so that us, the family, will have time to heal & the time needed to take care of our father. Guy was in an accident last Friday the 16th where he fell off a scaffolding while building his house. He then had to crawl 40 feet to where he could get help. He was life flighted to the Lewiston Hospital where they found out that he had broken ribs, vertebra, and had severed his spinal cord. They were able to do surgery which allowed him to gain some feeling in his chest, but the result was him being paralyzed from the chest down. He is stable and doing well in the hospital now. He has a positive attitude and his motto right now is "There are no bad days!" He is constantly reminding the staff at the hospital and his four children that there really are no bad days and to make the most of every moment. He is strong and positive and willing to do what he can to make the most of life. He isn’t done making memories with his children. He will be entering a rehabilitation center and working on learning how to move forward and work on getting as much feeling as possible back. The family and Guy are leaning on God and his plan and design for their lives moving forward and trusting fully in him. We thank you for all the support. The family has asked if you would like to send words of encouragement to be passed along to Guy, feel free to reach out on this page. If you are wanting to support in any way feel free to donate to the Go fund me account ) or reach out to one of the four children. Thank you so much.

The Malsbury Children (Lacey, Holly, Colton and Kyle)