Guy Caple

First post: Oct 18, 2019 Latest post: Dec 28, 2019

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THANK YOU  for visiting our site. This is the easiest way for us to share  our recent findings and for you to be able to follow the journey with us. We appreciate all of you prayers, scripture and words of encouragement. 

The past six weeks Guy has been experiencing fatigue and back pain.  It was notable but not overly concerning initially.  About one week ago his appetite significantly decreased, as the fatigue and intermittent back pain persisted.

Monday,  October 14 we had an appointment with Dr. Hinckley (our primary care) who ordered some labs and a CT of the abdomen.  The CT was scheduled to be done outpatient on Friday (Oct 18th).  The initial lab draw revealed the calcium levels in Guy’s blood (hypercalcemia) were significantly elevated and the doctor requested a repeat lab draw to confirm.  The repeat test aligned with the initial and Dr. Hinckley requested Guy head to the ER for further evaluation/admission.

The CT of the abdomen was performed the following day (Tuesday, October 15). IV hydration helped to reverse some of the symptoms of the hypercalcemia (fatigue and loss of appetite) and pain medication helped alleviate the back pain.  

The CT results revealed a large mass on Guy’s pancreas that was blocking the splenic vein, which means the mass is inoperable.  It also revealed some lesions on the liver.  The hospitalist (Dr. Brachmeyer),  who had been managing Guy’s care up to this point, informed us that we would meet with an oncologist (Dr. Patel) in the morning as the CT results were consistent with pancreatic cancer with metastasis to the liver. 

A cancer diagnosis can only come from a biopsy, and Dr. Patel stated the next morning that Guy was to have a biopsy of the liver as it was easiest to access.  She stated the results could take several days to come back.  In the mean time an MRI was ordered to rule out any fractures that could attribute to the back pain, which ended up being negative.  

Friday, October 18 Dr. Patel informed us the biopsy results confirmed pancreatic cancer, stage IV (once cancer has left the organ of origin and is found in a second location it is deemed stage IV). To say this has been shocking is an understatement. However, the peace God has given us is tangible. Please feel free to follow Guy’s journey as we expect God to do great and mighty things!