Griffith Littlehale

When he's not thinking about behavioral psychology studies, Griffith also puts in practice and training for his other hobby, which is graphic design. This is how it works: Griffith has been working with a lot of different digital tools and online media to improve and improve his design skills as an alternative skill set to his main studies focus. Griffith has already been working on a portfolio of completed professional projects and presentations. He has found work with school-related ads and college events at an early age. Even in the local community, he had some of his first jobs. They were for a local theater show and event posters for the same. As an alternative project, Griffith designed Thanksgiving and Christmas card art for a local church, as well as their logo, as well.

Griffith, like most college students his age, had the chance to read the classics while he was in school. This piqued his interest in liberal works in philosophy and poetry. Some of his favorite authors are Bret Easton Ellis and Edgar Allen Poe, both of whom wrote some very interesting stories. It turns out that Griffith also likes to read about Descartes and Oscar Wilde a lot. While he doesn't want to be a writer, his studies of many of the classics have been good for Griffith when it comes to higher thought and philosophy.

There are many things in store for Griffith Littlehale. A lot will depend on how things go as he finishes his psychology degree. Clearly, the traditional path for this field is to go to graduate school and then work in a clinical setting. There is also organizational behavior, which a lot of businesses are paying attention to now that diversity in the workplace has become a top priority for many businesses. It's also a good thing that the digital design side is in high demand, and Griffith hopes that will help him build a freelance business and eventually a steady source of extra money in that area as well, too. Always have more than one basket full of eggs.

Griffith has learned a lot about the world outside of school, but one thing he has learned is how big and promising the world is outside of Toledo, Ohio. He wants to see more of the world, meet new people, and learn about different cultures as soon as he can. Like many young people his age and in their 20s, the modern world is very global and international when it comes to jobs and other things that can be done. Griffith and people his age are looking outside of their own country and realizing that there are big opportunities in other countries. His parents and peers probably never looked outside of the United States for a future. As long as you can get away for a few years, it's a great way to learn new things and get away from the typical path that generations before took.

Griffith, like most people his age, thinks about how to get a piece of the American Dream. In the media, he sees a lot of stories about how younger generations are being priced out of the housing market and other things that show how hard it is for his generation to get home. However, he also points out that there are far more chances for success and room for new ideas. His generation has a lot more to gain from what can be done online than just a few years ago. Psychologist and graphic designer Griffith sees a lot of promise in the field. He wants to be a part of it as much as he can.