Griffin Keels

First post: Jun 29, 2021 Latest post: Nov 12, 2023
The gofundme link has been hard to see and I forgot to include it in the journal entry below so posting here. It's also under the Ways to Help tab. Thanks friends for alerting me. :) .  Please note this is the one specifically for Griffin. If you donate to Caring Bridge, it goes to Caring Bridge (which is a great organization and worthy of support).  Below is more info on his condition, also included in first journal entry.

Hi friends. If you are on this site it’s because you know us and care for us and for that I want to say thank you. The concern and love and support of family and friends is vital and sustaining in Griffin’s journey and we want you to know we feel so humbled and amazed by our community. I’m starting this site to have a place to answer questions many of you have asked and to give regular updates on Griff’s health.

So a couple of quick question/answers first. And then for those of you who want more personal details, you can read my journal entry below.

1.       What does Griffin have? CIRS

2.       What is CIRS? “Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome is a progressive, multi-system, multi-symptom illness characterized by exposure to biotoxins. The ongoing inflammation can affect virtually any organ system of the body and if left untreated becomes debilitating.”

3.       How sick is Griffin? Test results show his brain and internal organs “devastated” and in danger. This disease is trying to kill him.

4.       Can he be healed? His Dr. is confident that with aggressive treatment and following a strict protocol that his body can be cleared of toxicity and his symptoms mostly cleared and able to be managed. She is unsure if damage already done can be reversed.

For those who want more info, please continue reading the blog posts below. I apologize in advance - I am still figuring this website out and so the first post begins with the information I listed above ☺️.