Greg Vincent

First post: Nov 22, 2019 Latest post: Dec 2, 2019
Welcome to Greg Vincent's CaringBridge website. We are using it to keep family and friends updated about Greg's stroke and blood clots that occurred on Friday, November 21. We appreciate your loving support and words of hope and encouragement. Thank you for visiting. To see the updates, read the journal.  The following information is from our first journal entry:  

At the request of Mary Ruth, this CaringBridge site is being established for Greg Vincent, who today experienced a stroke in his cerebellum. Greg woke up at 5:45 complaining of loud ringing in his ear, and soon his language begin to falter. Mary Ruth immediately called 911 and Greg was rushed to Swedish Hospital in Englewood, which is the number one stroke hospital in the United States.

The test results today have shown that Greg has a connection, or hole, between the two sides of his heart, which played a large role in the stroke. While one in five people have this type of a hole, according to the doctor, there is no regular test for it and is no way to ever know if  such a hole is going to cause problems.  And no one ever knew about this connection between the two sides of his heart in Greg before. So, during the early morning hours, a blood clot started in his leg and traveled into his heart, his lungs, and through the hole  in his heart into his brain. As our friend Jim Myers said, the ringing in his ears was like a call from God to wake up because he was going to need lots of help.

Because Mary Ruth had the presence of mind to call the ambulance right away, and it arrived quickly from Platte Canyon Fire Department (with one of the Tripp/East Glen Isle family members as one of the first responders), and they got Greg quickly to the hospital, he was treated very soon after the time period known as the golden hour for stroke victims. The staff at Swedish is very professional and Incredibly kind and caring, as well as incredibly professional and proficient. They are like attending angels.

We're happy to report that test results have been very positive. The stroke is in a "forgiving" part of Greg's brain and the doctor just explained that he may have some  slight  difficulty with moving things on the left side of his body for only a few weeks, then the cerebellum will retrain his brain  and those difficulties will fade away.

He will need to stay in the hospital for several days while they treat the stroke, the blood clots in his lungs, and the hole in his heart. This will take some time, but the staff at the neuro-ICU is very optimistic about the prognosis. The MRI that was done show that there is little damage to the brain, and at different times, Greg has been able to move his fingers and toes and arms on both sides. Most recent tests showed some weakness in his left side, but that may change by the next test.

Mary Ruth's sons will be here tonight, and she is doing well here at the hospital. She is so grateful for all the love and prayers that have already been sent. Greg is strong and will recover. We will keep you updated as we hear more news.

With gratefulness and warmth to all of you who love the Vincents as I do, Janet Shown