Greg Tilsch

First post: Jun 10, 2019 Latest post: Jul 12, 2019
2018 ended on a high note with a Christmas visit to San Francisco to be with John, Polly and 3-year old Henry.  We had exciting plans in place for a summer trip to Russia for a 11-day river cruise of the Volga and stops in St.Petersburg and Moscow. Then out of the blue, our life shifted.  In March  Greg became progressively more and more tired but when he became out of breath climbing the stairs to the bedroom, we became concerned.  Blood work showed an elevated white blood count.  The first thought was it was an infection and Greg was treated with a strong antibiotic.  When blood was taken again, the white blood cells had tripled!  We were immediate scheduled to see an oncologist.  We were jolted.  We had never thought cancer. Our primary shared his speculation on the serious diagnosis.  Without solid information and our mind racing, we had to face a very tough and long weekend waiting for our Monday 8AM appointment.  We did some important processing, gained some useful information searching online, but also went to dark places.  

On April 1 we met our oncologist, Dr. Pal, a very compassionate and intelligent young man. After many tests including the very painful bone marrow test and multi vials of blood drawn,  we were sent home to wait for results.  Three days later the call came to come right in.  The tough diagnosis was confirmed. Greg was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML.) For the second time in my life, I remember thinking my life has been changed forever! We were told to go home, pack a few things, and go immediately to Carolina Medical Center Main (CMC Main), a major Charlotte hospital  in uptown.   Greg spent the next 14 days on the Leukemia floor. Chemo started on Day 2.