Greg Snider

First post: Feb 17, 2019 Latest post: May 6, 2020
February 16th was the beginning of what will prove to be a long journey for Greg and the entire Snider/Jenkins Family.  On this day, as we all prepared to go out and celebrate the lives of dear family members, Greg had what we thought to be a seizure, or evidence of a stroke. 

After a long and tiring day of testing, the physicians gave us the good news that Greg had not suffered a stroke, but with the good news came some that was not so good.  The physicians found two tumors on Greg's brain, and told us late yesterday evening that they also found two lesions in his lungs as well.

I will pause to let everyone know: WE, as a family, have never had a tighter bond then what we have in this very moment.  There were times where I(Travis) felt that there really wasn't much room for our family to have any tighter bond, but this event has truly proven me wrong.  WE as a family have found STRENGTH in unity, and PEACE in prayer and fellowship. 

Today we have seen an abundance of love and support flowing through this hospital room.  We are all having our ups and downs, but are all at peace and supporting each other, and to be honest Greg has truly had the best spirits out of all of us. 

We have met with the team of physicians that are guiding Greg's Care. At this time, it is looking like there will be surgery some time this week(likely Tuesday) to remove the brain tumor and confirm a diagnosis to formulate a treatment plan.  

WE cannot stress enough the importance and the power of prayer.  Greg is in great spirits and God has given him a peace that will surpass all as we work through this as a family.  WE have all felt blanketed in prayer over the last two days and would ask that you keep blanketing Greg, the family, and his physicians in prayer. 

We truly feel the overwhelming love and support that everyone is showering us with.  In efforts to keep everyone up to date and encourage/guide your continued prayers, we would like to ask everyone to follow this site and share it with others that know Greg.  As much as we would like to, we cannot possibly get to everyones calls and text messages, as we have been that blessed today with an abundance of support. We will keep everyone up to date via the site and encourage comments/support/questions and we will attempt to address everyones comments. 

Thanks again for your overwhelming support and continued prayers throughout this Journey. 

The Snenkins Family