Greg Sheridan

First post: Oct 7, 2020 Latest post: Oct 20, 2020
I never in a million years thought I would be writing this about my husband. Greg is healthy as an ox. Greg is strong. Greg is dependable. Greg is pushing 40 and still has 20/20 vision and never has had a cavity (annoying, right?). But on Monday October 5th right around 12 noon, Greg suffered from a ruptured brain aneurysm. He pulled through 12 hours of anesthesia and underwent about 5 procedures, including two rounds of open brain surgery. The bleed has been clipped off and he has made amazing progress towards his recovery. But his journey will be a marathon! He has a long road ahead of him. Keeping everyone up to date has been difficult. I am sorry for doing such a poor job. He has so many people who love him and want to know how he is doing. I am thankful for all of you. Thank you for the endless support, for the prayers, and for the offers of help. I hope to keep everyone up to date via this website. I've also enabled the meal train option. Once again thank you from the bottom of my heart.