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Gregory Scott

First post: Nov 6, 2021 Latest post: Jan 10, 2022

I'm starting this page for my son, Greg. He was in a very bad motorcycle accident on Friday night, Nov 5th. He has two badly broken legs, a fractured hip joint ball and socket and some damage to his right kidney. Friday night, he underwent two surgeries, one for the kidney 1130- 2am, one for the compound breaks in both legs 2am to 5am. Initially he had internal bleeding from the kidney upon arrival at the hospital and they told us they would need the remove a part of the kidney and shut down some branches.. during the surgery,, greg's body started clotting and stopped some of that bleeding so the doctor didnt have to remove any of the kidney and only shut down a few branches.. the leg surgery also went well. They cleaned to two open breaks,, upper left leg and lower right leg and temporarily set pins in them.. He may lose one leg, his lower right,, cause of the lose of blood going to it initially. Currently, he is in stable condition, and on a breathing tube and being heavily sedated for pain.  He's in icu. During my visit with him on Saturday, the nurse said that the kidney was working well and functioning good. It's going to be a very long road ahead of us. At this point, we just trying to get our feet underneath us and figure out day by day what needs to be done. The hospital only allows one visitor per day and at this critical time, visitors will include only my mom and me as he will be undergo many surgeries and critical information is being given daily. I will be adding to the journal portion of this website daily, so if you wish to follow his healing process, please look there. Also feel free to leave comments here and if you want photos. Thank you