Gregory Price

First post: Sep 6, 2020 Latest post: May 29, 2021
Welcome to CaringBridge. We are using it to keep family and friends updated. We appreciate your support, words of hope and encouragement. Thank you!  Gregory (Greg) is my adult son. He’s a man full of good character, strength, a deep love for others and a sense of humor (among other things :) On 9/6/2020, at 32, Greg had a stroke which doctor’s gave him a 0 to 10% chance to live. Through a series of miracles he lives, thank-you, God!

Greg became part of a trial stroke intervention/procedure and program of which he still is and  He  is in recovery process.

Yes, there’s work to be done and more healing to occur. Greg is in neuro-icu. He responds, knows us, movement is there, and his step by step physical and neuro tests continue to mark progress. Today he is on a breathing machine but initiates breathing on his own  and works toward fully breathing on his own. Prayers appreciated. Please pray for God’s peace and healing. Praise You Jesus, our Healer 🙌🙌🏽

Some sweet moments are when I spoke to Greg, I love you,’ he nodded his head and blinked his eyes. We felt each other’s hug. Another is when mom was talking too much, he waved his fingers at me! That’s Greg; honest and funny.

When Greg FaceTimes his family/siblings, friends, things such as a blink of an eye in response, a thumbs up that he gives, it all means so much. The language of love has many forms of communication.

Prayers appreciated. Greg has a great and supportive team of family, community of friends, and medical professionals and we thank God for all and trust Jesus daily as our Divine Physician and healer to bless Greg and through us, amen!

God bless🙏❤️