Greg Norum

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Thursday 5/3/2018

Sad news with hope attached:

Today we spent over an hour with the Oncologist as he explained what has happened to our Greg....husband, father, brother, brother-in-law, friend, neighbor, fellow sailor and “papa”.....

On May 12, 2016 Greg had surgery for a very small node that was found on a routine CT scan before retirement in August of 2016. The whole top lobe of his right lung was removed from an incision that was less than 2 inches long, actually just over 1 inch! The node was identified as non small cell cancer. All of his margins were clear so no further treatment was needed. He was called a “poster child” by his doctors. Gregs recovery was considered flawless, until recently. Greg was to have a CT scan every 6 months for two years. After that a CT scan every year until the 5 year mark. June if 2018 would have been his last 6 month scan. December of 2017 was a clear scan.

On Sunday, April 15, 2018 Greg had an attack which resembled an Asthma attack. He was lifting a bale of hay in the barn. Off to the ER. They did a CT scan in the ER and found fluid in the right lung LINING of his right lung. (Pleural cavity). The study of this fluid confirmed cancer cells within the fluid. Even though this fluid is NOT in his lung, it is the same cancer cell that was found on his 2016 CT scan.

Non small cell, squamous cell carcinoma. These cells in his lung lining may not have shown in 2016, because they may have been just too small to detect.

Operating is not an option because the cancer is now present within fluid.

The doctor wants to start chemo therapy as soon as possible. Greg has decided to stay the course. So on Wednesday May 9, 2018, we go to a “chemo therapy class”. On Thursday May 10, Greg will have his first infusion. These infusions will be every 3 weeks for 6 or 8 times. The Chemo therapy is called “Taxol/Carbo chemotherapy”. Greg will loose his hair. He may become sick, but we have medicine for that. The hopeful outcome of this therapy is for the tumor to reduce in size, causing less fluid build up, which is uncomfortable. Currently, Greg gets extremely tired and weak. He gets short of breath as the fluid builds. His appetite is still good. He thought he had developed a “spare tire” and started doing sit ups to help with his newly found belly. He thought the pain in his side was from doing sit-ups.

Thank you for your prayers and keep them coming. We all feel comforted by prayer. I believe Greg has had an almost 2 years of quality life because of great doctors, blessings and prayers he/we have received. Thank you.


Mary Jo 🌷