Gregg Kallmyer

First post: Oct 23, 2017 Latest post: May 11, 2019
Gregg and I are blessed to have such a great family and so many wonderful friends.  In my effort to keep everyone updated on our journey, I created this caring bridge site.  I hope it does not seem impersonal as that is not my intent.   Welcome to our CaringBridge website. We are using it to keep family and friends updated in one place. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement. Thank you for visiting.  

Yesterday  I admitted Gregg to Arden Courts, a memory care facility in Baltimore County that specializes in Alzheimer's Disease.  Gregg is on a three week respite stay with the intent that it will lead to long term care.  My hope had been to keep Gregg at home where he would always be surrounded by family & friends.  Our plans have taken a turn in another direction.  Gregg requires help in every phase of his daily life now - 24 hour care - from helping him get out of bed in the morning when he can't figure out how to move his legs to the side of the bed, to showering, dressing - sometimes even eating.  Recently I was using a wheelchair to get him into Stella Maris because he would have 3-4 mini seizures from the car to the  main lobby.   He'd collapse in the parking lot and again in the foyer so a wheelchair was the safest way to transport him.  He hated the thought of a wheelchair.  I guess his pride is ever present.  

Gregg has great confusion most of the time.  He can no longer communicate effectively,  answer the simplest of questions, even the recognition of loved ones comes and goes - whether in person or in pictures.  His hallucinations and nightly terrors have increased and he carries them with him when he wakes in the morning;  often beginning his day with the belief that something terrible has happened.  He does however maintain his sense of humor - often with a quick retort or comment.

Noelle took Gregg into Arden Courts yesterday and set his room up with some of his favorite things.  I joined them a bit later in the day; met with the director, the  nurse and staff.  Noelle and I left with the hope that Gregg would explore his new surroundings and meet other residents.  He did seem to enjoy the freedom that he now has in walking the area.  He's able to go outside and enjoy the courtyard too - nice weather permitting.   I went back at dinner time and saw him dining with 3 other men.  They seemed to be exchanging pleasantries.  In the morning, Gregg did not recognize me but when I went back in the evening, he introduced me by name and as his wife.  Of course that made my leaving at the end of the day more difficult as he wanted to go home with me.  

If anyone would like to spend Ime with Gregg, the address is Arden Courts of Towson located at 8101 Bellona Avenue, Towson.  Visitors can come and go anytime - just message me and I will give the entry codes needed to enter his area.  He is in Room #1 on Country Lane - the color of his area is deep pink.

I don't understand how  our journey can seem long and arduous and yet so fast at the same time.   Thank you for supporting us on this journey.
(On a side note, I don't know how this page will look when published - there is no fundraising being done here, no go fund me page, etc. - this page is strictly to keep everyone updated at the same time.)
Patty and Gregg