Greg Daninger

First post: Mar 29, 2021 Latest post: Feb 4, 2022
Beginning of February Greg went in for his routine colonoscopy at which time they found a mass on the outside of his colon which is probably cancer... So now the test began. He had a CT scan which turned out great so they ordered another colonoscopy with ultra sound to take biopsies. The doctor called Greg and wanted more tests to see if the glands were clear so Greg went for another CT scan and an endoscopy. At this point they are doing everything they can to find where this cancer began. At this point they don't think it is in his stomach, pancreatic or gall bladder. Greg met with Dr Trivedi the oncologist and he needs more biopsies so they will make 3 incisions in his stomach and take biopsies and removed some small nodules. Dr Callahan performed the surgery and told us it was definitely cancer.  His sister, Kitty took Greg home and spent the night with him. The next morning Greg got up and headed to his bathroom and halfway there he yelled for help and as Kitty grabbed a chair he passed out and was unresponsive. Kitty called an ambulance and he was taken to Wyoming hospital. They found he had blood clots in his lung and the bloods clot and the surgery were putting stress on his heart. Greg was transferred to ICU at Abbott Northwestern hospital. He spent 1 1/2 days in ICU then was transferred to the heart hospital. His oncologist came in and told us he has stage 4 cancer in the outside lining of his stomach. It was not what we wanted to hear. Greg spent the next 6 days in the heart hospital seeing many different doctors. He was then released from the hospital and went to Birchwood nursing home for rehab. They worked with Greg to strengthen him for 12 long days so he could go to Kitty's house. He is now at Kitty's getting physical therapy, occupational therapy and nurse care as needed. He needs to build his strength before we meet with the oncologist on April 14th to find out what the plan is for chemo therapy