Grace Soeter

First post: Jan 14, 2021 Latest post: Sep 20, 2021
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From Grace, 1/15/21
Dear family and friends, 

2020 has been a tumultuous year for us all with the Covid and so many uncertainties.  For me it started with a diagnosis of breast cancer Her2+  in early Jan.  it’s been quite a wake up call and steep learning curve as we have been praying and researching for the right medical team and treatment options.  We started with Loma Linda University Hospital and I chose not to do chemo but do the immunotherapy herceptin treatment.  I got on a strict nutritional regimen and healthy lifestyle changes following many leading alternative metabolic treatment protocols.   In July I got a pet scan that showed that the cancer had metastasized to lungs and liver.  I also found out that I have high mold toxicity and other environmental sensitivities.   

I changed over to Cancer Center for Healing in Irvine to work with Dr Leigh Erin Connealy’s team. She is author of The Cancer Revolution and approaches cancer from metabolic perspective.  I also found a new USC oncologist Dr Greg Ainstreigh  who is more open to work with alternative treatments and the Cancer Center. 

Overall I have been well and able to live my life normally with minimal pain and discomfort.   However In the last few months the pain levels in my back, breast and shoulder have Increased significantly.  So I am now starting some new treatments.  I started with hyperbaric oxygen and high dose vit C plus mistletoe iv.  Mistletoe treatments has been used in Europe especially Germany where over 2/3 of cancer patients utilize this along with other treatments.   John Hopkins U is doing research with mistletoe with cancer patients at this present time.  

At USC  I will be starting the immunotherapy Kadcyla which is utilizing Herceptin to target my Her2 positive receptor sites with chemo drug Etmansine attached.   I will be doing this every three weeks.  Pray for minimal side effects especially the heart and lungs.  Fasting before, during, and after can help with the effectiveness as well. 

We are trusting our Creator God who created our bodies and is our Great Physician.  We continue to be open to His guidance and his natural and supernatural ways to heal.    I believe in the power of God given plants and creating a healthy terrain in my body.  Just as important as what we feed our bodies is also detoxing our bodies so I have been doing a lot of detox through coffee enemas for my liver and Essiac teas and other regimens.   

I am taking over 20-30 nutritional supplements to help build my immune function including double of  Juice Plus.  I have found myself in wonderful cancer support groups and we journey together. 

Through it all,  it has been a journey of healing and trusting God with our whole selves.  No holding back.  Surrender and letting go has been my theme this year and for my family as well.  Matt,my beloved husband,  has been so wonderful in walking this journey with me with such courage and dedication.  So grateful for my three girls and baby Wonder to brighten my days.  There has been some tremendous healing that has already happened in our souls and spirits and relationships. 

So we are eternally grateful for what God has done in us and through us.   A well lived life of Shalom is so worth pursuing.  So join me in this journey of Shalom wholeness towards the center of our identity in Christ.  For by his stripes we are healed.  We are the Lords beloved and let’s us rest in this today and tomorrow.   God is more than enough.  

We thank you all for your  love and encouragement and prayers.  Family and friends are so precious to me. Nothing else matters as much.  

For the next few weeks, visits and phone contacts will be limited .  Please contact Matt for any details and updates -- 951-640-3055. Also, Grace is open to receiving texts to her cell, 909-851-5182, though she may not be up to responding back right away.