Grace Mullis

First post: May 29, 2018 Latest post: Mar 9, 2019
Our daughter, Grace, is amazing. Her story began in 2017, she was born in January of that year.

 We had difficulty having a child, before her we were pregnant once before and that pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. We saw fertility specialists and two and a half years after that, Grace came along.

 She is now 15 months old, she’s been the perfect baby and has the most contagious laugh. Unfortunately, we were hit with the most heartbreaking news just 2 weeks ago. Grace was diagnosed with a very rare form of pediatric brain cancer called an ETMR. Survival rates are not high and only 300 or so cases have been on record, also we have begun a clinical trial to give her the best opportunity for survival. We are willing to do everything we can to help cure our darling little girl. We ask that you find it in your heart to help us as we face the coming financial obstacles, so that we can save our daughter’s life.

 It will take support of all kinds: breakthrough science, the best doctors we can find, prayer, and financial support.