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First post: Aug 16, 2020 Latest post: Jul 14, 2021
In August of 2020, Hannah Alveshere was started on a treatment plan for thymoma—cancer of the thymus. An MRI revealed an 18x20 mm tumor between her lungs, above her heart, and touching her sternum. It has begun to touch her trachea and other vessels in the area, including the left brachiocephalic vein. She requires prompt surgery to remove it.  

She is on the urgent list to receive surgery as soon as possible. A pre-surgery appointment is set for August 24th through a Cancer Center in Michigan. But again, the team of surgeons would like to get her in before then.  

Friends and family seek donations to fund Hannah’s medical expenses uncovered by health insurance.  Hannah’s family is praying for a generous outpouring of donations to assist in paying for these sudden, unanticipated financial obligations.   

Hannah is a 20-year old pre-med, four-semester dean’s list honors student at Grand Valley State University. She has a passionate heart to serve others. She has been working with senior citizens throughout Michigan for nearly two years in both memory care facilities and assisted living. Even during her college semesters, she frequently set aside time to visit with and assist seniors. This academic year, under the tutelage of a professor, she was planning to conduct research with her university’s chemistry department with the goal to synthesize new anticonvulsant drugs.  

In everything she does, she tries to help those around her. During the beginning months of COVID-19, she sewed over 300 fabric facemasks that were distributed to assisted living and memory care facilities in her area.  

Please join us in praying to see her live to fulfill her heart’s desire.  

She needs YOUR help! Would you please consider donating to support Hannah through these first few steps in her treatment and recovery?  God bless you and your families during this difficult time and thank you from the bottom of our hearts!! 


If you would prefer to donate outside of Go Fund Me, there are a couple of options.  

 You can send a donation to Hannah’s Venmo handle: @GoTeamHannah  

If you prefer to write a check, you can make it out to “Hannah Alveshere” then send it to the address below (chosen for her protection). Do NOT use “In care of”. Pam will forward all checks directly to Hannah.  

Pam Latos 
1600-B SW Dash Point Road # 140 
Federal Way, WA 98023 

Note: When you donate using Go Fund Me, the site asks for a “tip”. If you do not wish to leave a tip, simply select *Other* from the drop-down menu then enter 0 as a dollar amount.