Gabriel Nolasco Baby Gabriel Nolasco

First post: Jul 18, 2019 Latest post: Jan 16, 2020
Thank you for visiting our page. ALL help, prayers and or financial help is appreciated beyond words!

Gabriel Solomon Alexander Nolasco is anticipated to arrive on August 5, with a team of NICU staff ready. Gabriel has a hole in the lower chambers of his heart and his pulmonary artery is dilated, which is pressing on his bronchial tubes. This condition means he will most likely be intubated at birth. In addition, his pulmonary valve is not working. There is flooding of blood back to his lower right chamber, which is causing some swelling along with the hole that causes more flooding. He also has multiple cysts on his right kidney so it is non-functioning, but “Praise the Lord” he has one strong left kidney that is working beautifully.  

The prayer is that Gabriel has good weight when born and does not arrive before the date Mom (Chelsy Mae) is to be induced. Also, pray that his lungs are strong and working well when he is born. He should be having open-heart surgery within the first few weeks of being born. Further, we are asking for prayers for the family’s financial situation through this whole ordeal. Dad, Eric, will only have about 4 days paid off from his job and will have to continue working full time just to try to meet the family bills. 

Baby due 8/5: Gabriel Solomon Alexander Nolasco
Mom: Chelsy Mae Nolasco
Dad: Eric Nolasco