August Menke Glorious Gus

First post: May 6, 2021 Latest post: Oct 6, 2021
Hello to all and thank you for taking the time to visit August’s Journey. We appreciate all of the prayers and positive support! *Long Story*
August Juneau Menke came into the world on April 30 2021-97 (tel:30 2021-97) days prior to his due date. August weighed just 14.5 oz. His mama Tiana was diagnosed high risk due to a follow up ultrasound she had at 24 weeks, because at the 20 week ultrasound the docs couldn’t quite get good measurements of his heart due to all of his movement. We are so thankful they did a follow up ultrasound, because had they not they would not have diagnosed any issues which would then lead to more than likely a stillborn birth. What they found at 24 weeks was that Tiana was low on amniotic fluid, August had an echogenic bowel (sign of stress) and that August had not grown since the last ultrasound (IUGR). Tiana and Cade were then told that her doctor would no longer be their doctor and she would have to see a perinatologist (high-risk pregnancy doc). Tiana and Cade and I went to see the perinatologist the next day and they ran her through a ringer of tests including an amniocentesis. Test after test came back COMPLETELY NORMAL. This was great news to everyone including the doctors, but that meant there was absolutely no reason for what Tiana and August were experiencing. The perinatologist just reassured Tiana that therewas absolutely nothing she could’ve done to have  prevented this from happening(I can safely say with 100% guarantee Tiana was and is one of the healthiest and hydrated people I know). With all of that being said she and Cade and Cade's mom Lori went back to the perinatologist for her 2 week checkup. Only to be admitted to the hospital because August still hadn’t grown. The nurse and doctors started her on magnesium right away to prevent cerebral palsy and steroid shots to help him mature, and two ultrasounds a day to keep a very close eye on our little guy.  Then just two days later because of a dip in August’s heart rate they were having the very difficult conversation that they were needing to deliver August. Throughout all of these difficult conversations that the doctors were having with them Tiana wasn’t nervous or anxious. She just kept reassuring all of us that she knew everything was going to be ok. She didn’t know exactly why she knew that but she just knew. She felt that from the moment she got admitted to the moment of delivery. Not one tear was shed. She kept so positive because she said “if these are my last few days with him I want them to be good. I don’t want him to feel anymore stress than what he’s already under” spoken like a true mother. They warned us that he wouldn’t be crying when he was born and that they’d have to recessitate him, and his chances of survival were only 30-50% because it is very difficult to intubate a 14 oz baby. August was taken by c-section and he cried when they took him out and he had no problem being intubated. He was kicking and moving a lot. The fight for life had begun and August is here for it. In the 6 days he’s been alive he has overcome being born with zero cord blood and only a tablespoon and a half of blood in his whole body.(he has had 3 transfusions so far 1 teaspoon at a time), he’s overcome a collapsed lung and was within an inch of needing a catastrophic surgery only to have overcome that problem as well. We are all apart of this little miracle called August and we can’t be more grateful to each and everyone of you. It is through your prayers and positivity that August, Tiana and Cade and all of the wonderful doctors and nurses are able to take the great care of him that he needs. Thank you from the bottom of all of our hearts. 

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