Glenn Paluda

First post: Jun 10, 2019 Latest post: Apr 15, 2020
After a fabulous trip to India in February, Glenn noticed and fortunately acted on checking out some blood in his urine. Unglamorous for sure, but a good warning. That resulted in some bladder tests, a diagnosis of bladder cancer, some CT scans and a further diagnosis of stage 3 kidney cancer because there is a mass in his kidney and nearby lymph nodes are enlarged and suspicious. It is transitional cell cancer; more rare and aggressive than the more typical renal cancer. Doctors think it started in the kidney , spread to the lymph glands and seeded in the bladder. One of the procedures that Glenn had removed the bladder cancer,

We anticipate good outcomes. The bump in the road, as we now know it, a series of 4 chemotherapy cycles, each lasting lasting 3 weeks. Assuming that is successful, and the kidney and lymph nodes spots are smaller, they will then remove his left kidney, ureter and those 2 lymph nodes. Needless to say, we will not be exploring the Dordogne area of France as we had planned in September . Glenn is upbeat, feeling well and enjoying hearing from people... or 520-490-9462 (tel:520-490-9462). I (Judi) will post updates from time to time. Chemo will start June 10.