Gina Kerven

First post: Oct 1, 2018 Latest post: Mar 2, 2019
Welcome to Gina’s CaringBridge website. We are using it to keep family and friends updated in one place.  *

For approximately two months, Gina had experienced extreme fatigue and a lot of muscle pain and discomfort. Gina saw her primary care doctor who ordered some blood work, but those results did not provide any answers as to why she was feeling this way. They had decided to still go and visit their friends in Florida. While they were there, Gina’s pain became unbearable that they decided to cut their trip short and fly home right away. Upon returning to Denver this past Sunday, they brought Gina into urgent care where they performed a cat scan. The scan showed her lymph nodes were swollen over a large portion of her body. The doctors knew that a biopsy of a lymph node needed to be extracted in order to figure out what was causing this. Although being in a lot of pain, Gina was sent home in hopes to manage her pain until she could get in for her lymph node removal. Even with the prescribed medications, Gina’s pain became SO excruciating, Rob brought her into the ER on Wednesday night and she was admitted into Skyridge hospital that evening. 

On Friday morning, the doctors successfully removed a lymph node from her neck and sent it straight to pathology. The initial interpretation of the results indicate that it is lymphoma. Since learning this, they have been told that there are many types of lymphoma and that it is highly treatable and curable. Pathology is completing an extensive amount of tests on this lymph node. We will not have the complete results back for seven to ten days. At that point, they will have more specific answers; like what kind of lymphoma, stage, and treatment plan. 

The family’s optimism is based on their doctor’s optimism; Lymphoma responds very well to treatment and with great success! They plan to begin Gina’s treatment once the pathology results are back. Gina will be given a steroid today to help give her some relief from the inflammation and swelling of all the lymph nodes in her body. 

Our hope is to get Gina’s pain controlled enough so she can return home on Sunday or Monday. At home, we believe Gina will be more comfortable to get the rest she needs and  prepare for her treatments in the weeks ahead.

I know the Kerven family appreciates you all for your continued prayers! They are grateful for each and every one of you! I know many of you want to know how to help during this time, we will have a meal calendar created in the next day or two, and we will be sure to share that information on this site as soon as it’s done. 

We will continue to update Gina’s CaringBridge site as we learn more. Please feel free to leave messages on here, text her direct or give her call , as we know Gina will love to hear from all of you! Gina will reply when she can.  Please continue to pray for our beautiful Gina and her precious family! God bless you all!

**10/1 update**We have created a sign up for meals for the family during the next few weeks. They have requested for them to be on Fridays and Mondays for now. We will re-evaluate those needs as we learn more about Gina’s treatment schedule. If you would like to provide a meal or even a gift card, please check out the link here;