Thomas Gideon Weick Gideon: A Heart Journey

First post: Jul 21, 2019 Latest post: Jul 30, 2019
Hello and Greetings to All Friends and Family of Gideon Weick!

We have created this page for sharing his story and keeping you updated. Gideon has touched many lives through the years as a teacher, friend, grandfather, and father. We are all hoping for his speedy recovery. As Gideons' Story unfolds, we will continue to keep you updated as best we can on this page.

A huge thank you to all who have extended their love and support during this very difficult time. It is much appreciated and helps give him the strength and reassurance he needs to recover.

Last Wednesday July 17th, Gideon suffered a Massive Heart Attack in Cancun, Mexico and the following morning he underwent Life-Saving Surgery. The surgery has been a success so far but he is still in the Intensive Care Unit at the General Hospital in the neighboring town of Playa Del Carmen. One son, Nathan Weick flew down on Thursday morning with the help of Alejandra who called the family and was there with Gideon from the beginning of the emergency. Although visitation has been limited, Nathan confirms that Gideon is weak but slowly recovering. The Waldorf School Community in Cancun has been incredibly supportive and helpful in this difficult time. His family and friends would like to get him back home to Minnesota for Treatment and Recovery but as of now, that isn't possible due to his current unstable condition.

In order to receive any care in Mexico, one has to pay out of pocket before any treatment is provided. Unfortunately Gideon does not have Mexican Health Insurance. As this was an absolute emergency, we are immensely grateful to the amazing individual from the Cancun community who was able to loan the money in order to save his life. The first private hospital he was seen at in Cancun turned out to be far too expensive for the care required. We had to transfer him by ambulance to a smaller General Hospital in Playa del Carmen. So far the bill is roughly $12,500 US

The expenses are roughly as follows:

$1840: Stay at the Private Hospital in Cancun
$315: Ambulance
$260: Accompanying Doctor during the move
$2600: Various Doctors fees
$5750: Life-Saving Heart Surgery
$300 a day: Intensive Care (so far 3 days)
$100 a day: When transferred (hopefully soon!) to General Care. Approximately 7-10 days depending on his condition

Some of you have expressed wanting to donate or help financially. Thank you so much! We still do not know what the bill will be for his After-Care, Medicine and Extended Hospital Stay and all the other unknowns once he is able to leave the hospital in Playa Del Carmen. We would appreciate any help you are able to give in this trying time for Gideon and his family. We have created a Go Fund Me Page to help with his medical treatment now and into the future:

We are ever grateful and thank you all so very much!