Carla Shaver Get The Sarc Outta Here

First post: Sep 27, 2018 Latest post: Oct 19, 2018

     Hello. My name is Carla Shaver.

             I am a Sarc Survivor.  Here is my story....      

                        It was February 17, 2017.  I was enjoying an abnormally
warm day outside with some family. I was sitting outside watching the
children play as if they've never seen summer before. The adults were
chatting it up talking about whatever came to mind. The
teenagers were throwing hoops about five feet away. And were trying
not to get hit  ​in the face with the basketball, as we sometimes
do. I got up to throw the ball and that's when it happened. I felt
"different", per say.
          As the time went on it got worse. I was hot, hotter than I
should've been, feverish, and completely t of breath. I
thought it was time for a checkup. So I called my Doctor and
we set up an xray at the hospital. I'm not new to this routine. Feel sick. 
Get an xray. Ive had lung problems for as far as I can remember.
I get to the hospital. Fever. Lets get an xray. Lets take blood.
​ And of course
          good ole faithful EKG. And there it is. Bacterial Pnemonia. Sent
          home with antibiotics and faithful Prednisone. To make a very long
          story short this was the worst sickness I've ever had. I;ve had
          pnemonia a dozen times in my recent adult life, but nothing compared
          to this. I ended up back in the er 4 more times in 2 weeks.
          Nothing was helping me. Although my recent xray said otherwise. I
          WAS getting better. Why wasn't I feeling it?  So I continued on the
​Nothing. ​

                    I then got sent to a pulmonologist. I've seen a few of
          those so this wasn't new to me. Back in 2014 I had a Mediastinoscopy
          and Bronchoscopy with results of Myceliopthora mold exposure.
          My first appointment went ok. I brought my 63 page binder with
          all my recent results as well as my notes. (Yes I keep lots of notes)
          He looked at my recent chest CT from the emergency room and
          said " Oh you have Sarcoidosis". It is affecting your lymph nodes and lungs
​ at this time. Stay on the Prednisone and Ill see
          you every other week. So I got my stuff together went home
          and researched my heart out. What is this? Doesn't sound too bad.
          Then, upon further reading  I realize I spoke too soon. This is
          horrible. How am I supposed to live with this? This is too much.

                         Well here I am 4 months later and still dont have an
          answer. The only answer is... Yes I have Sarc. No I dont want it.
​          And maybe, just maybe remission will come soon.....