Lisa Abney Get Lisa a Kidney

In October of 2018, our mom was diagnosed with a rare kidney disease called Focal Segmental Glomulerosclerosis (FSGS) in her left kidney. It was found coincidentally while battling issues with her congenitally non-functioning right kidney. It took three months of hospital visits to finally get a diagnosis. Unfortunately by then, her renal function had tanked. Leaving her at Stage Five Renal Failure. FSGS, has no known cause and we will never understand why OUR mom.

December 12, 2018, we went to Vanderbilt where we were blessed with the best Nephrologist and Director of Nephrology at Vanderbilt, Dr. Ikizler. Since starting her treatment at Vanderbilt, we have learned that our mom ultimately will have to have a kidney transplant. Being that she’s on dialysis 3x a week while still working as a RN, it is now time to FIND LISA A KIDNEY! I, Taylor, am working on being a paired exchange donor since I am not perfectly compatible with mom, but a direct donor would get her a kidney much faster. 

She is now on the national transplant list, but we are praying that we are able to provide her a live donor. Our mom has spent the last 25+ years as the most passionate and caring nurse and it’s our turn to give back. We are so blessed with great insurance that covers her transplant AND THE DONORS! If you or someone you know have ever thought about kidney donation, Vanderbilt has made it easy! There is a survey for potential donors to fill out. Please go to ( and complete the Living Donor Referral Form.

Thank you all for your love and support for our mom.

Amanda and Taylor