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A tribute to our son, George L. Taber V (Quint)

What can be said when you lose your son; that this is a father and mother’s worst
nightmare is no hyperbole. The natural order of life should not allow any parent
to have to bury their child. Yet it happens all too often, and those parents share a
common bond of grief beyond words and comprehension. In the military this is
an exclusive club that no one wants to be a member of because the cost of
membership is incomparably high—A Gold Star family.

On Tuesday, August 9th, 2022, our precious son, Staff Sergeant George L Taber V
(Quint) was killed during a weather-related training accident while at the
“Mountain phase” of the grueling Army Ranger school in the mountains of N.
Georgia. Training operations were paused, and soldiers were sheltering in place
to allow a severe storm to pass when a tree fell in heavy winds killing Quint and a
fellow soldier, Evan Fitzgibbon. Three other soldiers were also wounded. An
arbitrary act of nature killed our son who was a force of nature. He was thirty
years young.

The consolation of a parents’ heart is that after college and some searching, Quint
without a doubt was living out his calling and had found his tribe in the Army
Special Forces community. He reveled in challenging himself and proving himself
daily. He flourished in operating within a team of high performers. He died doing
what he loved and was good at, surrounded by others with the same high drive
and standards. That is the highest accomplishment of a man whether he be
eighty or thirty.

Rest in peace son. You have lived life well and full. We will miss you every day for
the rest of our lives, but we can learn from your example and maximize every day
we have remaining in our lives, not shirking the hard things yet appreciating the
small things. You have turned the table on the natural order of life, and you will
be expectantly waiting for us with a huge grin and giving us the grand tour of
heaven when we have finished our race. We so look forward to that day when
you personally introduce us to our heavenly Father. Until then you continue to be
our shining light and inspiration. We miss you and we love you always.

George L Taber IV (Tab) and LaNell Taber      Sheri and Trey Coker
Kiplin, Geoffrey, Wesley, Grant- Siblings