George Nakos

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Welcome!. If your here you love George and care about him. Family and friends, we are all routing for George together. First Dean and i (Sam) are blown away by the Christian men and women who are praying for him! The fact that we woke up today is controlled by the creator!

  Georges condition: stroke occurred july 4th
 Hospital UAB.

He is not talking or swallowing but is trying to talk. His comunication when not sleeping has been head nods and they are getting better. He shows signs of humor and sarcasm sometimes (imagine that) by facial expression and left hand jestures. He is strong as hell when he sqeezes your hand w his left hand. He wants you to know he is strong. He is fighting. The last 3 day PT has made him stand and try to walk although Dean has to move his right leg.  PT walked him a few steps and made him sit in a chair for the first time. Dean played a song he knew and G tried to sing. ( hummed a better than ezra song without singing the words). He is a wonderfull strong big brother and as you know determined to beat this w your prayers.
Pray for George 2.0!
I see his baby steps and progress daily.

Progress includes: Increases Awareness

                      Head nods
                     dexerity in hands and legs
                     Effort to try to talk
                     He didnt turn his head to the right but now can
                    Good focus when looking at us.
                   Nuttition thru stomach instead of nose feed until he can swallow.
                   Liking the music we play when we it hits a song he likes the song lets us know when he doesn't.