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As you likely know, George does not go to the doctor easily.  He passed out at church 9/12, and we made him see a doctor.  They found a mass on the right side of his brain.  He has been transferred to St Joseph's Hospital where he will have surgery to remove the tumor and determine the next step in his care.

George developed some trouble with the vision in his right eye and pain in the back of his neck in July.  Rose finally convinced him to go to the eye doctor in August, but everything was fine with his eye.  At the end of August, he started to have some lightheadedness.  After taking pictures at the ministry fair at church on 9/12, he passed out and broke the caps of a couple of his front teeth.  He drove himself home instead of serving as an usher, but he felt fine other than his mouth and a scrape on his knee.

Rose, Christina and Mike made him see a doctor by holding his camera hostage. :-) The doctor at the urgent care center (who used to work with Mike) wanted him to go to the ER for a CT scan of his brain, and George wanted to go to brunch at Tinucci's like he planned before he fell (he REALLY wanted those BBQ ribs!).  Mike drove him to the ER where the CT scan showed a mass on the right side of his brain.  Still feeling okay except for the pain in his neck and mouth, he wanted to go home so that he could drive Rose to her eye appointment and start his bowling league on 9/13.  Family and doctors prevailed upon him to come to St. Joseph's Hospital for further testing and treatment.

He has had MRIs of his brain and neck, and he passed his cognitive exam with the neuropsychologist with flying colors.  He will be having more testing to make sure that this is not a cancer which has spread from somewhere else, although his lack of other symptoms is encouraging that nothing else is going on.  We are eager to hear from the neurosurgeon when he will do surgery so that we can know what is going on and what needs to be done for it.