Gene Roberts

First post: Nov 14, 2019 Latest post: Nov 27, 2019
With the many people who love Grandpa and want to stay updated on his prognosis we've created a caringbridge to keep everyone updated. 

On November 5th he had an appointment with the Pulmonologist and they had found a spot on the lungs and lymph nodes. The doctor said that they were active, and probably cancer. Grandpa decided to find the results and have a biopsy. 

On November 7th he had his biopsy. The doctor said it didn't look good, and how he could see the tumors in the airway. He was not a candidate for surgery because of where the tumors are located. He was then referred to oncology.  They sent him home with oxygen and a nebulizer. The biopsy was sent to Mayo. 

On November 11th he was being referred to the West Michigan Cancer Center (WMCC). 

On November 13th he had an appointment at the WMCC. He was told that he has Stage III Small Cell Lung Cancer. He will have an MRI of his brain to check if the cancer has spread. The treatment plan is currently Chemo and Radiation, unless there is a spot on the brain then just chemotherapy.  Since this is such an aggressive form of cancer they will be moving fast, and it is important for him to stay healthy. (Avoiding sickness and infections). The plan is to start him on a lower does to see how he tolerates the medicine. 

- He has an appointment November 19th at 9:40 AM (Radiation Oncologist Consultation), and November 20th at 4:30 PM for his MRI. 
- Still waiting to hear from IR to schedule the port placement. 
- We have a google calendar with his and grandma's appointments.