Gene Lowry

First post: Oct 28, 2021 Latest post: Apr 5, 2022
We are creating this page in hopes that my dad's friends and family can check in for updates and leave a few kind words for him. My dad's story started in 2018. He suffered a massive heart attack and had to have 2 stents placed. A couple months later he had a double bypass surgery. The surgery went well but during his recovery, he started to have some issues with balance and fatigue. His cardiologist cleared him as far as his cardiac system, he was healed and his heart was working well. He consulted many doctors as we were not able to pin point the cause of this. Finally, he went to the Mayo and after many tests, he was diagnosed with Multiple System Atrophy (MSA). We all had never heard of this so we all did a lot of research and we saw how horrible and rare this disease is. 
MSA (once called Shy-Drager Syndrome) causes deterioration and shrinkage (atrophy) of portions of your brain (cerebellum, basal ganglia, and brainstem) that regulate internal body functions, digestion, and motor control. It can affect/cause vocal cord paralysis, blood pressure, breathing, bowel/bladder function, speech/swallowing, sleeping, sweating abnormalities, visual disturbances, tremors, difficulty controlling emotions and much more. 
After getting a handle on this diagnosis dad was not ready to give up. He called in homecare and worked hard with the physical therapist and went to see a neurologist for advice. Unfortunately, this did not seem to slow the disease progression. He went from walking with a cane to barely being able to walk a couple steps,with the help of 2 people and a walker, within a year. 
The last 6 months-1 yr have been extremely hard for him, his wife, and his family. We have been trying to pull together and enjoy the very little time left with him. Most of you know my dad well and know that he is a very social person and is always on the move. So this disease is especially hard for him because he is now confined to his chair/bed. He would love for people to come and visit, so feel free to come by, even if it is just to say hi. 
Dad has a digital photo frame sitting next to him. This frame has it's own email and people can send pictures or videos the email and it will automatically load them onto the reel. He would enjoy to see some of your faces, feel free to send any pics or videos you think he would enjoy.
Dad's current health has been declining pretty steady over the last couple months. He is now very hard to understand, he has a permanent catheter, and we are now using the lift to transfer him from bed to his chair. His emotions can be somewhat unpredictable, which is pretty normal for someone who is going through this.~Jeanna