Gene Bangasser

First post: Dec 12, 2021 Latest post: Jan 24, 2022
Gene (Dad) is an 87 year old pillar of strength.  He was raised on a farm north of Sioux Falls, was a farmer and worked in construction and building administration his entire life.  But that's not what describes him.    Dad worked relentlessly to provide for his wife, Marilyn, and children Debbie, Steve, Barb, Pat, Julie, David, Jim and Kelly.  He is loving husband, great father, exceptional grandfather and amazing great-grandfather.   He instilled deep-rooted determination, pride and work ethics in all of us.   

2021 was not the best year for Dad.  During the throes of the pandemic, Dad was hospitalized in January.  He subsequently underwent a life-threatening surgery for a perforated duodenal ulcer.  The restrictions on visitors prevented any of us from visiting him for the two months it took for him to regain his strength and get back to us.  This summer we were able to travel with him and Mom to Sioux Falls to visit the Bangassers and to Bismarck to visit the Millers.  Then as summer turned into fall...

Dad was having increased difficulty breathing and couldn't sustain his O2 saturation rates without the assistance of external O2.  At that time, he was diagnosed with pneumonia and received antibiotics.  Over the next week, his breathing took a turn for the worse and he developed a pretty bad cough.  He saw the pulmonologist on December 1st at which time they immediately admitted him to the hospital.  He underwent a number of tests, including a CT scan that was markedly different than the one he had in August.  The final test was a needle biopsy.  The results of the biopsy showed Dad has Stage 4 lung cancer.  The formal diagnosis is adenocarcinoma with lepidic growth and mucinous features.  

Dad is not a candidate for treatment, has accepted what this will do to his future and has elected to enter into in-home Hospice comfort care (family care supported by Hospice nurses).  He will be released from the hospital Sunday.  

Currently Dad is alert, and in good spirits.  As you know, he is a very social person.  He would love to see or hear from you.  His contact information is:

Email -
Mobile - 952-992-0824
Home - 952-942-7742
Address:  8405 West 100th Street, Bloomington, MN  55438

You can also contact Deb (480-326-4397), Barb (952-564-9728) or Julie (651-354-4760) with any questions.  Your prayers are always welcomed and appreciated.  We will continue to update this site as his condition changes.  

Julie, Barb, Deb