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Welcome to my CaringBridge website!  
On June 5th I palpated a mass in my right breast on my monthly routine exam. The following Monday went to the Breast Center at Region's Hospital on my break to schedule a mammogram for the following morning. By Thursday I was back for repeat mammograms, ultrasound, and biopsies. I was called Friday morning with the news that the 2.5cm mass in my right breast was Infiltrating Ducatal Carcinoma, malignant kind. I was working as it was my weekend to work in the ED. 
I was diagnosed as Infiltrating Ducatal Carcinoma grade 3 (microscope) Stage 1-2 (size early stage). What this means is that it treatable and curable. 

My biopsy came back strongly reactive for estrogen and progesterone receptive. My HER test was negative (means not aggressive). My genetic test revealed that I was BRCA 2 positive. MRI was negative for metastasis, but found another 1cm lesion posterior to the one I palpated. My ultrasound of my reproductive system was normal.  

Sweet Jesus- your life gets flipped upside down and chaotic! A lot of tests but with good reasoning (I feel that I could glow in the dark). The unknowns are the hardest. Some moments I am a hot emotional mess, not always but a few. Who doesn't like a good cry once in a while, its a healthy thing. 

The plan is surgery to remove cancer from right breast, Radiation therapy is a given, and also Endocrine therapy.  Possibly chemo??(I won't know until Onco marker scores come back). A complete hysterectomy will need to be done. I am hoping and praying to do this within the next 6 months. I am so grateful and blessed to have a wonderful medical team that is working with me at Region's and communicating together as a team.  

There is a strong history of breast cancer in my family. My Aunt Pat, Aunt Leona and my cousin Teresa are all breast cancer survivors. I am going to be one too!

I am gathering my warrior gear all the while preparing myself spiritually and mentally for the fight for my life. I am on a journey to kick some cancer ass! I got this!! Okay lets be honest-mostly God's got this! Through my faith and my prayer warriors I have felt the strong feelings of hope, strength, courage, and peace. I am still going to be the sassy Gayle y'all know! Please don't hesitate to reach out if questions. I am okay talking about it. 

Women- do your monthly manual boob exams, get your mammograms!! Also, do your yearly gynecological exams. It may or can save you life! Men- do your exams too! We all hate it I know but I caught mine early. Thank you Jesus!

We are using CaringBridge to keep my family, coworkers, and friends updated in one place. It give me the opportunity to journal/blog. We so appreciate your prayers, support, and words of hope and encouragement. Thank you for visiting!! ---- Love y'all--->Gayle  :)