Gary Clark Gary W Clark

First post: Oct 20, 2021 Latest post: Dec 20, 2023
Dear family and friends, I have decided to start this site for Gary to bring some of you into his story for the first time, and others will have it available for updates.  Gary was diagnosed with melanoma in November 2018.  He had surgery , diagnosed as stage 1B,  and we had confidence that he was cured.  He had a routine follow-up scan in November 2019 that showed the melanoma had metastasized to his lymph system.  He had another surgery and started immunotherapy treatment.   It continued to spread within the lymph system,  and he had additional surgery and radiation.  He started a more toxic immunotherapy treatment that resulted in two hospitalizations and it was discontinued.  The melanoma has metastasized from his lymph system to his lungs and liver, and most recently confirmed in June, to his brain.  We have had excellent care at UT Southwestern here in Dallas for the majority of his treatment, but once approved immunotherapy showed to be ineffective, he was referred to MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston to look into clinical trials.  It was in preparation for a trial that the brain metastasis was discovered.  He is currently part of a trial through the brain clinic at MD Anderson for melanoma patients with brain metastasis.   He started the treatment on July 20th and we are traveling every two weeks to Houston for treatment.   I plan to update regularly, but please feel free to text, call or visit, as Gary loves hearing from you.   And as he would say, "Thanks for being my friend" (TFBMF)