Gary VanMatre garyvanmatre

First post: Mar 14, 2018
Where do I begin?  The end of January,  Gary shared that he'd been having some short dizzy spells.  The next day he told me one was coming & he always knew because of a sweet sensation...then it was quickly over.   Feb. 2 our doctor called us right in for an exam.  A CTscan  & MRI later that same day,  brought us the shocking news that those dizzy seconds were mini seizures due to a tumor the size of a walnut in the left frontal lobe of his brain.  Feb. 13 a team of 8-10 safely removed 85-90% of the Glioblastoma tumor as they had expected.  Pathology revealed this as an aggressive stage IV cancer.!  We've learned chemo nor radiation can workout our miracle desired.  Mayo's pathological report explained the mutative cells as ones that will immediately reproduce themselves making chemo futile.  Tiredness & weakness began to overwhelm him and would worsen quickly with radiation.  He has been under hospice care this past week, is now bed fast, & on medication to prevent worsening seizures.  The left frontal lobe is the center for speech & personality.  He has had no suffering until 2 days ago headaches began. I told him if he could communicate that to me somehow, I HAVE DRUGS.  His eyebrows went up & he continues to delight us with his sense of humor.  He hears music and dances with me through tiny movements, he kisses freely & lovingly, can't move himself much, but, reaches for hugs & gives us expressions that crack us up!