Gary Sonmore

First post: Aug 2, 2019 Latest post: Jun 21, 2020
Welcome to our Caring Bridge website. We are using it to keep family and friends updated on my healing progress.

In early May I was diagnosed with bladder cancer. My Urologist has done 4 surgeries since that point to remove most of the tumor. However, at the end of the 3rd surgery (7/19/18) she was concerned that the tumor had gone into the muscle of the bladder; so she took a biopsy. The Pathology report indicated that the cancer had gone into the muscle lining of the bladder. She determined that it was muscle invasive Stage 2 cancer. She recommended Chemotherapy and bladder reconstruction surgery. At that time we alerted family and friends of the situation and the recommended plan. We however really looked to our Healer, Jesus Christ, for divine intervention and direction for this healing process. We stood in faith, believing that God was going to completely deliver me from this cancer to fulfill all that God has for me in my life. I started Chemo the end of September through the first part of November. The chemo shrunk the tumor and my surgeon did the 4th surgery to remove the remaining portion of the tumor. On January 21, 2020 I had the 5th and most major surgery to remove the diverticulum sack from the bladder. I'm thankful that it was not necessary to do a complete reconstruction of my bladder. God really answered my prayer. The surgery was 100% successful, and the biopsies taken from the surgery showed NO SIGNS OF CANCER. So we believe that God did a miracle prior to surgery and removed all the cancer.

I am now CANCER FREE and we believe it will not return EVER AGAIN. We thank you for your prayers, love and support as we went through this journey. We are truly humbled and overwhelmed by the prayers and support that I have received from so many. Thank you.

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