Gary Marquedant

First post: Oct 31, 2021 Latest post: Nov 12, 2021
Hello everyone, 

I created this caring bridge as a way for all of the people in Gary's life to stay updated with what is going on with him. I know he has a ton of people who care about him and are worried so hopefully this will find you.

Gary became ill with COVID at the beginning of October. He was resting at home where he was trying to fight COVID on his own and was in and out of the emergency room 3 times.

On the morning of October 13th his condition had declined to point of needing to call an ambulance. They took him to the Little Falls hospital where he was admitted and October 19th he was intubated. On October 23rd he was airlifted to the St. Cloud Hospital and is currently in the cardiac intensive care unit in critical condition with acute respiratory distress syndrome. 

Gary has a lot going for him being that he is so young and active, but the doctors are telling us the odds are not in his favor at this time. He is using a lot of assistance from the ventilator and his progress in healing is extremely slow. His lungs are heavily damaged from the covid pneumonia, and the treatments they are using can have some very serious side effects over time. We are still holding on to hope that he will survive this, but the road to recovery is going to be very long and difficult. His goals at this time are just to remain stable so that hopefully over time we will see him needing less assistance from that ventilator.